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Hand Crafted Leather Handbags!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Using English Bridle Hide I have made these bespoke handbags. They have been mistakenly called "saddle handbags" - like Cartier and Dior have made.

This design was inspired from a Motorcycle saddle bag - like you see in this link.

The handbags below, one large and one small are entirely hand crafted from start to finish using English Bridle Hide. This is the most traditionally English of all leathers. Bridle hide is pit-tanned using oak bark and various other natural ingredients for many months before it is dried and then colour-finished by hand - which makes it a very expensive, high quality leather.

It is very strong and because it is "hot-stuffed" with waxes and oils, is very resistant to moisture and spills. There are limited colours, usually black, brown and tan. The colours are beautifully even with no streaks or faint and dark spots. It has a smooth surface and whilst it is a very strong leather, it does mark easily.

This bag below is made with Tan English Bridle Hide, lined with a beautiful suede and hand stitched. The braid on the shoulder strap is one of the Mexican basket weave braids, the lace for which is made from 'Havana' Bridle Hide.

handcrafted leather handbag
English Bridle Hide Hand Bag

handcrafted leather handbag
All Hand crafted

lined leather handbag
Lined with burgundy suede

This bag below is much larger than the one above. This is created with 'Havana' English Bridle Hide. Instead of stitching I used a simple braid using lace made from the same leather.

handcrafted leather handbag
Large Hand Crafted Handbag

handcrafted leather handbag
English Bridle Hide Leather Handbag

See more of these bags and other commissions here

If you want a bespoke handbag and have some ideas in mind you can contact me to discuss your project.

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