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Leather Repair and Restore

Rocking Horses Repair and Restore

Repairs, restoration, making livery

Rocking Horse repairs and restorations

I restore rocking horses including the wood work. If needed, I can make the livery.


Have a look at my Before and After page and see some of the repairs and restorations I have done.

Types of repair and restoration

Please refer to my Repair and Restore page for more details about the types of repair and restorations that I do.


For all my work, be it repairs or bespoke creations, you will get care instructions for your article.

I can make saddles, bridles, stirrup straps, girths, collars and more. For hair replacement, I will use either long-haired sheep or real horse hair.

I also refurbish the wooded frame by sanding it down and varnishing with a clear yacht varnish.

Get it done

When you contact me we will discuss exactly what can and can't be done and we will agree on what will be done.

Contact me to discuss your project. 

Below are links to rocking horse restoration albums.

Rocking horse and frame restoration

Rocking horse and frame restoration

A Pegasus Toys rocking horse restoration. All the leather livery is handmade using English bridle hide. The wooden frame was sanded down and re-varnished using yacht varnish.

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Rocking Horse Livery Commission

Rocking Horse Livery Commission

Rocking Horse Repair and Restore

Rocking Horse Repair and Restore

Rocking Horse Repairs were needed on this treasured family piece.
This rocking horse was missing it's mane, tail and some of the leather such as the reins, halter and stirrup straps. We replaced the missing components, gave the horse a wash and cleaned the saddle.

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