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A bespoke leather travelling Jewellery Roll.

Commissioned Leather Articles

Bespoke leather goods made to order

Your Requirement

This is about you, your ideas, your design.

I have designed and created handmade leather goods for film, interior designers, private commissions and cosplay to mention a few. The articles vary from guitar straps, barrel bags, motorcycle items and more.

Understanding my client

It is just as important for me to understand my client's requirements as it is for my clients to understand the properties of leather, what can (and can't) be done, how things will look and feel before we create an article.  I take great care to understand what you are looking for and I may discuss with you other ideas that come to mind that you may not know will be possible.  We will discuss personalisation, tooling, embossing, colour, thread type and colour and everything that goes into the making of a leather article.

I will provide input with my ideas and understanding of the craft, of leather and embellishments to help develop ideas further.

I work closely with my clients to understand their requirements and vision.  I can work from sketches, photos and discussion.  In some cases I will make a sample or prototype for my clients to understand and see just how their leather product will look.

Hand crafted

All processes in the making of my leather articles are done by hand.  This offers the most flexibility to meet the exacting requirements of my clients and make them very personal and bespoke.

Get it made

What have you got to lose?  If you have a particular bespoke leather item in mind, contact me to discuss your project.  ​It will be an absolute pleasure and honour to use my leather craft skills to work on your project and bring it to life.

Custom leather work in London, uniquely you.

You will find albums for completed commissions under


Bags, Cases and Boxes



Guitar Straps



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