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About PS Leather Craft

About Me

Photo of Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Born to a long line of “Smith’s” I like to call myself a ‘Leathersmith’, though you can call me a Leather Craftsman if you prefer and some call me 'the leather guy'!

I am an artisan in the leather crafting trade making bespoke and personalised leather goods to customer requirements as well as repairing and restoring beloved articles.

My leather craftsmanship is heritage hand crafted leather work, using traditional techniques and some modern ones too.  Stitching is by hand using saddle stitch, a method used for centuries. 

I have worked on articles dating back to the late 19th century to more modern but rare pieces.  I have repaired and restored museum pieces and made articles for private commissions, period films and accessories for fantasy costumes.​

My passion for leather crafting was triggered by a craftsman who had been working with leather for many years and created some beautiful leather articles for family and friends. I have a few of his pieces and I admire the high quality of work he did, which I strive to follow.  I learned from him that every stage of creation contributes to the quality of the final article.

I attended a saddlery course with a noted Master Saddler to enhance and build on my skills and knowledge.

About PS Leather Craft

Tooled Leather PS Leather Craft Sign

First and foremost, my business is about ensuring that my clients are happy with my work. I work hard to produce the best out of my skills that I can.

I created PS Leather Craft to bring back to life heirloom, cherished and sentimental articles as well as make hand crafted leather items for customers.

PS Leather Craft

Business Lines

In order to do the repairs I do and to make articles, I have set up 3 distinct lines of business - Repairs, Commissions and 'From the Maker'.


Making articles on commission. There are very few leather makers in the UK who will make bespoke articles.  I can work from drawings or sketches, photos and in most cases from discussion. I love creating items, from design to completion.  My favourite type of creative work is bespoke tooled projects as  tooling gives the opportunity to express and personalise, for example, tooling a monogram onto a personal item. I have been commissioned to make customised or bespoke articles for private commissions, the film industry and re-enactment pieces.  Commissions can vary greatly and I revel in the challenges of making articles to customer specifications.

Repair and Restore

Repair your article. I have a passion for repairing and restoring old articles, the oldest being over 160 years. Repairs and restorations are sometimes harder and more challenging than creating.  Doing hidden repairs, colour matching and matching the type of leather are very difficult to achieve.  Leathers made back in the 19th century just aren't around any more and even matching to more modern articles can be difficult, especially for articles made overseas from brand makers who often have leathers processed just for them. I have repaired and restored several articles that have been handed down to my customers from their grandparents and parents.  It is especially rewarding for me when a piece like that turns out well. I take pride in what I do and treat every piece I work on like it is my own.  I always ask myself “would I pay good money for this work?”. If I can honestly answer “yes” then I know I have done a good job.

From the Maker

Unique designs. Designing and creating my own articles is my release for my creativity.  I like to play with textures, colours and experiment with different processes and ideas. I like to make things different from what is already out there, as do many designers.  I want my leather articles to have that 'wow' factor. My guitar straps and motorcycle livery are good examples of this type of work.  All the art work, tooling, dying, stitching, lacing and finishing is done by hand. In most cases I use undyed natural vegetable tanned leather, which tools well and takes on dyes easily.  Dyeing leather myself offers wide open scope for design, colour palette and finish. When you see my bags, guitar straps, belts and accessories, you will see that they are indeed very different from what you find in the market places.  I like to put my own touch and methods and interpretation into each item.​

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