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Leather Clothing articles

Leather clothing and accessories made to order

Your clothing article, your way

I have designed and created handmade leather clothing articles to customer specifications. These articles are usually an idea  from the customer, or a design the customer had in mind. Usually, I am given drawings and sketches, or images to work from. In collaboration, we build what the customer is looking for.

Hand crafted

The processes in the making of leather clothing articles are a mix of hand crafted and machine sewn. This offers the most flexibility to meet the exacting requirements of my clients.  Hand crafted leather goods are very personal and bespoke, whilst skilful use of a sewing machine gives a professional finish.

Get it made

If you have a particular bespoke leather clothing or accessory item in mind, contact me to discuss your project.  ​It will be an absolute pleasure and honour to use my leather craft skills to work on your project and bring it to life.

The links below are to albums for articles created for clients.

Bespoke Hand Crafted Leather

Bespoke leather corset design project

This project was part of a collection designed by a final year design student. The client worked with me to make and realise her design. The leather used was natural veg tanned lining leather, wet moulded, hand dyed and machine stitched. Bottega Vaneta Intrecciato was done on the side panels, connecting to plain panels on the front and back. The necklace strands are real leather, cut and split to size and thickness, hand dyed and braided using the 4 strand round braid pattern. The Turks head knot holds the nails in place, which can be slid up and down the tassels.

Similar to:

Bespoke Hand Crafted Leather

Intrecciato shirt and cuff

This customer sent me a single photo graph of something like this and asked me if I could make one for him. After measuring, I made the patterns, did a fitting session then got on with making. It is lined with silk, has solid cast brass hardware and has an accompanying, matching cuff.

The intrecciato is of course copied from the famous Bottega Vaneta brand, established in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro. Crafting artisanal leather goods, the brand developed a distinctive leather weaving design, the Intrecciato, which instantly became Bottega Veneta's iconic look.

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