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Leather Repair and Restore

Motorcycles and bicycles

Repairs and refurbishment of Motorcycle and Bicycle leather items

Leather bags, panniers, seats and saddles, back-rests, tool rolls and other leather components 

I am a leather repair specialist in Mitcham, London. It will be my pleasure and privilege to repair your leather items for your motorcycle or bicycle.

My clients have given me positive feedback, some saying the experience is like "The Repair Shop" on TV.

Have a look at my Before and After page and see some of the repairs and restorations I have done.

Types of repair and restoration

Please refer to my Repair and Restore page for more details about the types of repair and restorations that I do.


For all my work, be it repairs or bespoke creations, you will get care instructions for your article.

Get it done

When you contact me we will discuss exactly what can and can't be done and we will agree on what will be done.

Contact me to discuss your project. 

In these examples below, you will see the variety and type of repair I have undertaken.

1920's Brooks Motorcycle Saddle refurbishment

1920's Brooks Motorcycle Saddle refurbishment

Famous British motorbike and bicycle saddle maker since 1866! The leather was replaced by moulding and shaping the new leather. An antique dye was used to colour the leather and techniques I use to make it look antique. The leather was hand stitched with linen thread to stay in keeping with this antique item.

1860s bicycle saddle rebuild

1860s bicycle saddle rebuild

This saddle had worn and torn leather (probably the original). I made the new leather cover with natural veg tanned leather, hand dyed with an antique dye and then hand stitched.

The bicycle is fairly easy to date as a year or two later they started using metal rims instead of the wooden ones. This is possibly made by John Starley for Ariel in around 1869, right at the start of the bicycle age in the UK.

Selle Bicycle Saddle Refurbish

Selle Bicycle Saddle Refurbish

An Italian Selle bicycle saddle. The old material was removed and replaced with Goat Skin.

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