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Leather Bag Repairs
Leather Repair and Restore

Leather Repair and Restore

Heirlooms, Museum pieces, Loved articles 


The hardest part about getting your article repaired is entrusting it to a stranger.  You have a leather article that has been in the family for many years, is an heirloom piece, part of family history, something you want preserved or something you want to hand down to the next generation.  How do you know if you are doing the right thing by handing this precious article over to someone you don't know?

  • Will the leather worker take care of your item?

  • Will the leather worker have empathy for and an understanding of the story of the article?

  • Does the leather worker know how and have the skills to work period pieces?

  • Will the item be worse than when you handed it over?

  • Will the leather repairs last?

  • What will the repairs look like?

I am a specialist in London doing leather repair and restore on articles that most would shy away from. When doing these pieces, I feel privileged and honoured when chosen to work on leather articles. I treat every piece like it is my own. If you are looking for a leather specialist near you, please contact me and let's see if we can get your leather article repaired.

If I think something can't be done, I will let you know.

My clients have given me positive feedback, some saying the experience is like "The Repair Shop" on TV.

Have a look at my Before and After page and see some of the repair and restore work I have done.

Sympathetic repairs

Sympathetic repairs are where I will correct structural failures, preserving as much of the article in it's current state, maintaining the physical effects of history such as the wear, patina and signs of use.  I will treat the item to preserve it and protect it from further damage and deterioration.  If the original parts are available (buckles, loops, etc.) I will re-use them.  I make the item function as close as possible to the original.  This is a good example of a sympathetic repair.

This is particularly suited for antique items or those old handed down heirloom articles such as briefcases and leather suitcases that have travelled the world or treasured possessions that belonged to a parent or grandparent and you want to keep it's history.

Full restoration

is bringing the article back to as close to the original condition as possible, involving repairs plus colour treatments and where needed strap, handle, buckle replacements and repairs to tears, stitch replacements and so on. 

This is best for those articles that are newer and usually cost a lot to purchase but most of all, are a treasured item.  Perhaps something that was given as a gift that has sentimental value or something you saved up for.

This kit bag, run over by a car, is an example of a full restoration.

The work

In both sympathetic repairs and full restorations I make hidden repairs where I can.  This requires all work to be done by hand, especially stitching.  Articles that need stitches replaced will take many hours to repair since all the old stitching must be carefully removed and then re-stitched by hand.  I do the stitching by hand so that existing stitch holes are used.  Using a sewing machine does not guarantee using the same stitch holes and so you end up with more holes added, making the article weaker. 


My dyes are sourced from Northants Leather Chemicals Limited.  These dyes penetrate the leather well and do not stiffen and dry the leather like other dyes I have used.  They also polish to a deep rich finish.

In both cases the item may need to be partially or completely dismantled in order to do repairs.  Once the repairs are done it is re-assembled then treated.  It's rather like making an article from scratch!

For all my work, be it repairs or bespoke creations, you will get care instructions for your article.

Get it done

When you contact me we will discuss exactly what can and can't be done and we will agree on what will be done.

Leather bag repairs, leather briefcase repairs and much more.

Contact me to discuss your project.

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