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7 Unique and Eye-Catching Guitar Straps

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

7 one-of-a-kind guitar straps that will make a statement on stage or in the studio. Discover your new favourite strap today!

If you're a guitarist looking to add some style and personality to your instrument, a unique guitar strap is the perfect accessory. Whether you're performing on stage or jamming in the studio, these 7 one-of-a-kind eye-catching guitar straps will make a statement and elevate your playing experience. Find your new favourite strap today and play in style!

Leather, Colour, Design

Bespoke designs with practicality. These leather guitar straps feature a soft shearling or suede lining, plectrum holders and tassels. The tooling designs are a music signature (bass or treble clef) design with guitar outline and a music note.

The straps are colourful, having two layers of leather to expand the play on colours both in the dyeing and stitching colour choices. Dyeing and stitching is all done by hand.

The buckles used are solid, cast brass, either in brass or nickel plated.

Custom embossing and tooling

Custom embossing and tooling is a great way to make a statement with your guitar strap. You can choose your own design or have your name or band logo tooled onto the strap for a personalized touch. This adds a unique and eye-catching detail to your strap, making it stand out on stage or in the studio. Whether you want a bold and intricate design or a simple and elegant logo, custom embossing and tooling allows you to create a strap that reflects your style and personality.

Show off your individuality.

You choose! I can make your guitar strap, your way. Working with me, we can make your bespoke guitar strap.

Choose your colour scheme and all components of the guitar strap, from lining to hardware (buckles).

My 7 Unique and Eye-Catching Guitar Straps

These guitar straps are all made in my workshop in London. You can buy one today or contact me to design your own. I will bring it to life for you.

# 1 - Celtic Cheer

A leather guitar strap with tooled Celtic knot and dragon.
Celtic Inspired Design

A Celtic inspired design.

This has the Celtic knot and heart, leading into the dragon with treble clef signature.

The buckle is a beautifully crafted Celtic knot.

There are plectrum holders for practicality and tassels finish off the design.

The underlining is a luxurious shearling.

# 2 - Tan Tan

Handmade leather guitar strap in shades of tan.
Tan-Tan - Handmade Leather Guitar Strap

I call this one tan-tan because, well, it is hand dyed in shades of tan.

This strap is embossed on the top layer and hand-stitched to the second layer and finally lined with shearling to give a soft and luxurious finish.

The dyeing is all done by hand using my own techniques.

The buckle and loop are locally made, solid brass, cast in the UK.

# 3 - Green Envy

Handmade Green Leather Guitar Strap
Green Leather Guitar Strap

This features a music note and treble clef/guitar design.

There are plectrum holders and the tassels finish off this design.

The underlining is suede and the hardware (buckle and loop keeper) are solid brass, cast in the UK.

The entire strap is handmade, hand-stitched and hand dyed using techniques I have developed over time.

# 4 - Blue

handmade blue leather guitar strap
Blue Leather Guitar Strap

Simply called Blue.

This is also a double-layered strap to allow the play with complimentary and contrast colours.

The stitching is orange whilst the hand-tooled treble clef/guitar design is in oranges and yellow.

We have plectrum holders and cast buckle with wire-form loop keeper and suede underlining.

# 5 - Kaitlin

Gorgeous rich browns with hints of chocolate.

handmade leather guitar strap in brown

This strap features a treble clef/guitar design and music note in yellow, whilst the rest of the strap colour is in shades of brown through to red and orange.

There are plectrum holders and solid brass "Conway" buckle for quick and easy adjustment.

This one has black shearling underlining for comfort and decadence.

Entirely handmade including the dyeing and stitching.

# 6 - Holy Blue

handmade leather guitar strap in blue
Holy Blue

This is a play on shapes.

A very heavy set leather guitar strap handmade, from dyeing to stitching.

The thread chosen for the stitching is orange and the buckle and loop keeper are both cast brass.

The shearling lining adds to the luxury.

# 7 - Eddie

a handmade leather guitar strap with "Eddie" mnemonic

We probably all know the mnemonic "Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie" to remember the notes of the (open) guitar strings.

This is entirely handmade with tooling and dyeing to enhance the design. The strap ends are guitar shaped to add to the design and this has been lined with shearling.

The buckle is a solid brass Conway buckle, which makes this guitar strap quick and easy to adjust.

Bonus Eye-Catcher

handmade leather guitar strap with 'RH' initials tooled into the leather

Ok, let me show you one more eye-catching guitar strap!

Meet "Richard". A strap I made for a friend's birthday with his initials tooled into the design.

The strap has been lined with suede and is all hand-dyed and stitched.

The buckle is a solid brass cast, made in the UK.

There is a lot of satisfaction in making these eye-catching guitar straps. There are more examples I have made in my leather workshop here and if you are into personalised then take a peak at these commissioned leather guitar straps.

If you are looking for that personal, bespoke, special "something" that is different, for yourself or someone else, why not contact me and let's discuss your design ideas.

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