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Leather Cornet Case

Leather Accessories Repair and Restore

Heirlooms, Loved articles 

Leather Accessories Repairs and Restoration

I am a leather repair specialist in London. I feel privileged and honoured when chosen to work on leather articles and I treat every piece like it is my own.

If I think something can't be done, I will let you know.

My clients have given me positive feedback, some saying the experience is like "The Repair Shop" on TV. 

Booking is easy...

Just contact me and we can discuss what you would like done.

Hand Crafted Leather

Conservation and preservation of WWII flight cap and googles

This is a genuine WWII flight cap with goggles. The work here was preservation and conservation to arrest any further deterioration of the leather. There was a little repair work done but due to the fragility of the leather, some parts could not be repaired.

Hand Crafted Leather

Backgammon coffee table insert refurbishment

The original materials used were torn, curled up and some were replaced with PVC. This refurbishment was done with leather after removing all the old materials, cleaning up and sanding the wood base. A French polish was applied to the wood.

Hand Crafted Leather

Audemars Piguet watch strap repair

The original strap was torn off by a watch repairer! This job was to repair the strap to its original state, which required some very fine and accurate (miniature) work and a steady hand.

Hand Crafted Leather

Leather Stirrup Cup Holder

A leather cup holder, which was hand crafted. The stitching on this was torn and there was evidence of some previous repair work. This was completely dismantled, the leather treated then re-sewn.

Hand Crafted Leather

19th century writing folder

This 19th century hand crafted writing case needed the edge lacing replaced. It was also dry and had signs of dry rot. It was treated and polished and the edge lacing made in my workshop, hand dyed and laced on to replicate the original lacing.

Hand Crafted Leather

Camel Whip Sympathetic Repair and Restore

This camel whip was dried out, parts were torn or missing and the leather needed feeding and various repairs. All repairs done by hand.

Hand Crafted Leather

Suede Hat Restoration Cleaning and Reshaping

The hat came to me miss-shaped and stained. Made from Suede and part of it made from a poly thread was reshaped by soaking and moulding the leather. Cleaning for suede was done to remove the stains.

Hand Crafted Leather

Vintage Glass Hip Flasks Restoration.

Two vintage Asprey hip flasks (one was 'granddad's' and the other was 'dad's') handed down. There was no leather on them when I received them. Standard aniline leather was used to recover them and hand-stitched with 'butt-stitch'.

Hand Crafted Leather

National Army Museum Horsemans buff coat

This Horsemans buff coat is a handling and education piece for the National Army Museum, which required cleaning and repairs.

Hand Crafted Leather

National Army Museum Buff Coat

Replica Buff coat. This is a handling and education piece for the National Army Museum needed cleaning and repairs.

Hand Crafted Leather

Aged Belt Repair Restore and Renovate

Aged, dry, broken belt repair and restore. Treated the leather to bring some life back into it and did the repairs to the buckle fold. The buckle was cleaned and polished.

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