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Leather Lacing

Types of Stitching and Lacing

The decoration that holds it all together

Lacing or stitching?

Lacing and stitching is the finer detail of a leather article.

For repairs

When doing leather repair and restore of items, I will replicate the stitching or lacing that has been used on your article.

For handmade leather articles

There are many styles of lacing and stitching, some shown below.  You may fancy one of these or something you have seen on your saddle or bespoke item.

Leather lacing

I make my own lacing leather from the same leather that is used for your article.  That way the lacing leather will match in colour and texture.

There are some good examples of lacing used in this project. The entire suite was laced.

Leather Stitching

There are lots of references to 'hand stitching' on this website. The hand stitching I use is traditional saddle stitch, done with two needles and an awl and needs practice to perfect. The Saddle stitch holds better than machine stitch and one can easily tell the difference between the two.

A good example of saddle stitching can be seen on these knife sheaths

If you contact me to discuss a bespoke article, this is one of the decisions we will come to. For repairs, I replicate the existing stitching or lacing on the article being repaired.

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