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The Beauty of Having a Handmade Leather Guitar Strap

For many people, their guitar is one of their most prized possessions. So, why introduce a custom leather strap to your instrument?


A handmade bespoke guitar strap can not only be customised to look the way you want. It can also be designed and tailored to fit your body and playing style. This will ensure maximum comfort during those longer playing sessions. It can also add value to the guitar itself, especially if it's a custom piece.

Hand Crafted Leather Guitar Strap

PS Leather Craft regularly creates handmade leather guitar straps that reflect the player's personality and unique sense of style.


I work using the finest leather and offer a choice of colours and patterns. As an experienced leather craftsperson, I love taking commissions to create beautiful but functional pieces.

Hand Made Leather Guitar Strap

All bespoke guitar straps are made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, therefore providing reliable and sturdy support for the guitar. They can also be designed with additional features, such as padding or pockets for picks. This can enhance your overall experience and make playing more convenient.


Handmade leather guitar straps are a great investment.


A customised guitar strap is a particularly worthwhile investment for serious musicians who want to ensure their equipment is of the highest quality and tailored to their specific needs. 


If you’re interested in a handmade leather guitar strap, simply get in touch today.

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