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7 Tips For Choosing A Leather Craftsman

Whether you’re after a custom guitar strap or a bespoke barrel bag, finding the right leather craftsman is key. 


Here are just seven ways to find the right leather craftsman and why our expert could be ideal for your requirements.


1. Look at their previous work and see if you like what you see. As an experienced leather craftsman, I love producing a wide range of items, including bags, custom guitar straps, motorcycle livery, and much more.

2. Find a craftsman who can bring your ideas to life. I regularly work from sketches and photos along with having discussions with clients, ensuring that the final design of any leather product reflects your exact specifications.

Custom Leather Guitar Strap

3. Ask whether they can provide the types of customisation you need. Connect with a professional who allows you to customise everything from colours to the monogram using tooling and personalisation. I can do all of these to the finest standards.

4. Find a leather craftsman who is experienced. I have been creating leather items for many years and help people express themselves through this medium. 

5. Check the expert does everything by hand. This will ensure your item is as durable and well-made as possible. I do all the art work, dying, stitching, lacing and finishing by hand.

Leather barrel bag

6. Find out what type of leather they use. No matter if you’re ordering luggage or a guitar strap, I use undyed natural vegetable tanned leather which tools well and takes on dyes easily.  I dye the leather myself, offering wide open scope for design, colour palette and finish.

7. Look at what previous customers have to say. You’re welcome to check out my reviews on Google and TrustPilot.

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