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Bespoke Half check dog collar-Blue

Half Check Collar with Conway buckle and matching lead. The point of these is that they tighten around the neck of the dog without strangling. When relaxed, the collar will open and relax around the neck. A kinder alternative to choke chains the half check dog collar, also known as a half choke/choker collar, martingale collar or limited slip collar, is a type of collar commonly used for dogs. It is designed to provide more control over the dog without choking or causing discomfort.

The collar is worn around the dog’s neck like a regular collar. When the dog pulls or tries to back out of the collar, the tension on the leash causes the collar to tighten slightly. The collar is designed to provide a limited amount of tightening, creating a snug fit without choking the dog. This tightening action helps prevent the dog from slipping out of the collar.


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