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Leather Chair Rebuilds

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

This recent project was a very exciting one. These two chairs were going to be thrown into the skip!

Thankfully, they were brought to me to refurbish.

I stripped the chairs down to the frame and started from the ground up.

I first treated the frame for the bad scratches then waxed and polished them.

The webbing was next then laying on the new foam and polyester.

The leather I used was 2mm plain veg tanned shoulder. I had a dye created for me (thanks to Northants Leather Chemicals Ltd at who were able to colour match.

Once dyeing was done, I treated both sides of the leather with Sedgwick leather care. This will help the leather last longer and gives a deep, rich finish on the dyed side.

The lacing was the easy part. The hard part was fitting the leather. There are over 350 rivets in each piece!

Patience was key to this job as there were a lot of rivets and some awkward areas to put these into.

The clients were very happy - especially as they had no idea they could be fixed up. What a joy it was to see the smiles and surprise on their faces.

Refurbished Leather Chairs
Before refurbishment

Leather Chair Repairs
Worn and torn leather. Before refurbishment

Refurbished Leather Chairs
Cracked and dry. Before refurbishment

Leather Furniture repairs
Dry, thin and torn leather.

Leather Furniture Repairs
After refurbishing

Leather Furniture Repairs
After refurbishing

Leather Furniture Repairs
After refurbishment

Leather Furniture Repairs
Back, after refurbishment

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