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Specialist Leather Artisan

Leather, made better

Meticulously Hand Crafted Leather

My mission is simple: to honour the timeless tradition of leather craftsmanship by creating and restoring unique, high-quality leather goods. I am dedicated to exceeding my customers' expectations through a friendly, professional and personalised service, exceptional skill, and a passion for perfection.

Tailored solutions

I provide tailored, bespoke leather solutions that meet the unique needs and desires of my clients. My bespoke services are designed to bring your vision to life with exceptional craftsmanship and personalised attention to detail.

Leather commissions

Heritage hand crafted leather work. Bespoke leather articles designed and created in my workshop using the best quality leather and hardware.

I have designed and produced articles for

  • films

  • interior designers

  • motorcycles

  • re-enactment

  • cosplay

  • and private commissions.

Exclusive designs

Offering a range of exclusive leather designs that stand out in both quality and creativity. My collection is meticulously crafted to ensure that each piece is not only functional but also a unique work of art.

Sympathetic Repairs, Restoration, Conservation and Preservation

Specialising in full or sympathetic repairs, conservation and preservation of leather articles, breathing new life into damaged heirloom pieces and restoring them to their former glory.


Articles Worked on






From the Maker


Music Case-After Repair-09_edited.jpg


"Peter restored an old music case for me.  Some of the old leather was split and the handle was coming apart.  The torn leather was replaced and all the stitching renewed.  It was beautifully done, all hand stitched and re-polished and as good as new again. It should now last a few more generations in the family and has already been passed to my grandson.  It was so important to me that it should be hand stitched rather than done by machine which I knew would damage and weaken the leather and I was so pleased to find someone who could do this for me.  An excellent restoration.  Peter could not have been more helpful or obliging."

Recovered plantation chairs

Mark and Nicola

"Peter did a very tough and detailed restoration on two of our favourite planters chairs, the result was beyond our expectation. They look better than when we bought them! He has worked on other pieces in our house which have been restored beautifully and with care. Peter is professional, reliable and an absolute master of his craft. Thank you Peter! You are amazing!"

Custom bobber seat


"I recently had a custom bobber seat made for my BMW R80 Café Racer. I provided the steel seat frame to PS Leather Craft for him to produce a very high end one off design product.

The process with the craftsman making the seat involves a lot of interactive discussion on the design, padding, how it sits on the bike and colour of the leather, etc. I now have this fitted to my bike and it not only gives it that special, unique and high quality feature but also provides a very comfortable sitting position."

Repaired Gun Case


"I picked the gun case up yesterday afternoon.  I am delighted with it.  You have managed to repair all the essentials, but left intact the character of the case.

It is about 100 years old, when it was given by my grandfather to my father for his 21st birthday. 


So it is special to us, and a nice heirloom to have for the future."

Repaired and Restored Leather Holdall


"Peter took a beloved but tired and well used holdall and turned it into a thing of beauty. His work is of an exceptional standard.

I would recommend him to anyone wanting to renovate or repair leather articles."

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